Pedal Pusher

I got an unusual real estate referral a couple of weeks ago.  A young woman from Colorado who is moving to the DC Metro area requested an agent who had an extensive knowledge of DC area bike trails.  Well, that would be me, of course.  It was the first time I’ve had such a request from a potential buyer.  Leisa will be working at Crystal City and absolutely wants to bike to and from work.  Her biggest fear was to wind up working with a real estate agent who would under estimate the importance of being able to cycle to work.  “When I asked a Realtor friend to refer me to a Keller Williams Realtor in the NOVA/DC areas, the most important request was not gender, not experience, not numbers. My future Realtor had to be a cyclist!  Because I intend to ride my bicycle to work, I wanted a realtor who understands the cycling routes and one who could relate to my bike-minded ways,” Leisa said.

Of course the DC Metro area has some of the best biking routes in the country. On a couple of occasions I have considered moving out of the area and each time, one of the main reasons I changed my mind was the lack of connected and extensive urban biking trails in the areas I considered moving to.

You might be thinking about reducing your carbon footprint or getting some needed exercise by biking to and from work. There isn’t a better area to safely pursue this goal.  I tell people all the time how amazing it is to be able to travel through the entire DC metro area including the states of Virginia and Maryland and the District of Columbia without using the city streets. And if you do have to use the city streets, bike lanes abound, especially in Arlington and DC.  Both Arlington and DC are making a concerted effort to reduce car traffic by increasing bike lanes in the city.  But if you aren’t ready to try cycling to and from work, you might just want to run some weekend errands by bicycle or see some Washington sights without the hassle of traffic and parking.  Sure you could take the metro but you won’t burn as many calories and it’s a much better view.

If you’re selling a home, being near a bike route is a great selling feature and the agent who markets your home should know this.  If you’re buying a home, even if you aren’t going to bike to work, having easy access to the bike trails is a real bonus.  I live about a mile from the W & OD, Four Mile Run and Mount Vernon bike trails.

Figuring out the bike routes is easy. DC has great maps for biking downtown to work.  We all use Google Maps right?  Well you can even map bike routes on Google! Bike Arlington is a wonderful site that features bike sharing, bicycle friendly businesses, all the news on biking in Arlington as well as route maps.

And how’s this for a real estate niche?  There is actually a real estate company that shows properties by biking to them. Petal to Properties is a full service real estate company with offices in Boulder, CO, Sonoma, CA, and Northhampton, MA. Hmmm, this has got me thinking………



Gayle Fleming


My purpose is to serve my clients and advocate for their highest and best good, so they attain their real estate goals.


One response to “Pedal Pusher

  1. hmmmm . . . why “petal” instead of “pedal”? I guess I can appreciate the dark humour if that is your intent. I usually think of petal pusher as someone 6 feet under the ground that is helping the petals (aka flowers) bloom. I guess I didn’t see that side of you during our search. chow.

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